Friday, November 18, 2011

A Spot of (Realistic) Humor!

I have been told many times that I am too serious, "about everything." In fact...this is quite untrue.  I do have a sense of humor, and do appreciate it from others.  My brand of humor is simply unique...:-) 

Anyway, I thought I would share this...which, being a library clerk, I found highly amusing..

Since I work in a library, this just struck a chord.  It is almost unbelievable the things that public materials and provided equipment are subjected to.  That especially includes ones that people take home--like Library Cards!  I think maybe a sticker with these kinds of warnings should be put on each and every one.  Just a small number of the most damaging things library cards handed to me have undergone:
  1. Chewed by a boxer puppy,
  2. Run over by a truck,
  3. Used to open a locked front door,
  4. Subjected to a scissors experiment by a four year old, and... 
  5. Ready for the last?  Left on a stove. 
These are just the ones that have undergone structual damage.  I really do not even want to know about the ones that come caked in dirt, or grease, or other unidentifiable goo...  I wonder if people have ever considered why librarians always keep a bottle of hand sanatizer on their desks? 

Just a rhetorical question...what are the cards on your keychain and wallet like? 


  1. Holy cuss! Who says librarians don't have exciting lives?

    I love that sign though. That should be on every book in a library. You'd probably end up with lots of mustachioed books. ;)

    And I will answer your rhetorical question. (which defeats the purpose of it being rhetorical) The cards on my keychain and in my wallet are worn and weathered, but clean. I think a hypochondriac would be the only one to refuse to touch my cards.

  2. Absolutely, "Who said librarians don't have exciting lives?!" That ingenious individual should be required to volunteer and spend a day at a library computer center. I can personally guarantee their opinions would suffer a radical change... :-)

    On a side cards are also scrupulously clean. Always good to know I'm not alone in consideration for small details--and for those of us dedicated (for cleaner or for dirtier) to public service... :-)